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Dental Implants

Premium Dental Implants, Guaranteed to Make You Smile

We extend cost-effective dental implant services in Sydney, delivering a permanent solution for the issue of missing teeth. Our experienced dentists utilise first-class dental implants composed of titanium to establish a sturdy foundation by anchoring the screw into the jawbone.

Armed with progressive tools and techniques, our seasoned team carries out dental implant procedures. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of dental implants, and once fully secure, a crown is affixed to the implant, perfectly bridging the gap and mimicking natural teeth.

For reasonably priced and successful dental implant treatments, place your trust in our team of dental professionals.

Smile Gallery

Post your dental implant surgery, envision how brilliant your smile might be:

Implant-Supported Bridge

after imagesafter images


The procedure commenced with a detailed examination, followed by careful planning for an implant-supported bridge procedure. This process involved the accurate placement of dental implants in sustaining a fixed bridge, enhancing stability and restoring the patient’s oral function.

During the procedure, the precise positioning of the implants was crucial to provide optimal support for the bridge. This meticulous execution in implant dentistry played a significant part in restoring the patient’s ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Good oral health was a focus throughout the treatment, ensuring the longevity of the bridge and contributing to the patient’s overall well-being.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

dental Implant beforedental Implant before


The patient embarked on their journey to a transformed smile through a comprehensive evaluation and meticulous planning phase. This crucial stage laid the foundation for a successful full-mouth dental implant procedure. By strategically placing multiple teeth implants, a complete set of artificial teeth was securely fitted to the patient’s jaw, ensuring optimal function and aesthetic appeal.

Precision and attention to detail played a key role in aligning the implants harmoniously with the patient’s facial structure and bite pattern, resulting in a satisfying outcome that surpassed expectations.

Single Implants Topped with Porcelain Crowns



The first step in the patient’s treatment involved sinus lift surgery, setting the stage for dental implant surgeries. The treatment involved 7 porcelain crowns over the various implant sites intended to enhance the patient’s oral functionality and aesthetics.

The success of an outstanding outcome depended on the accuracy and reliability of the dental implant procedure. The final outcome was in line with the patient’s expectations and long-term aspirations. The refurbished set of artificial teeth contributed significantly to the patient’s oral health and gave them a boost of self-assurance. This dental care approach goes beyond traditional dentures, offering a permanent solution for a natural smile.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


What Constitutes the Various Components of a Dental Implant?

As an integral part of general dentistry, dental implants play a crucial role in enhancing a patient’s smile and oral health. They are, in essence, a multifaceted system consisting of three individual parts. Understanding these components is crucial for anyone considering dental implants.

The Implant Fixture
The implant fixture, or the root, is the first component. It’s a screw-like post that is surgically embedded into the patient’s jawbone, thereby acting as the new root for the artificial tooth. The fixture is typically made from biocompatible materials like titanium, enabling it to fuse with the bone tissue (osseointegration). This fusion helps prevent bone loss, which is a common problem associated with missing teeth.

The Abutment
The second part of a tooth implant is the abutment. This component is attached to the top of the implant fixture and serves as a connector between the fixture and the crown. The abutment provides stability and strength to the entire implant structure and is designed to withstand the forces exerted during biting and chewing.

The Crown or Prosthetic Tooth
The final piece of the dental implant puzzle is the prosthetic tooth, also known as the crown. The crown is usually made from ceramic materials designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. This component is what’s visible above the gum line and forms the part of the dental implant that gives patients a beautiful smile.

In conclusion, the seamless synergy of these individual components makes dental implants a preferred choice for tooth replacement, restoring both function and aesthetics in general dentistry.

How Should You Maintain Your Dental Implants for Longevity?

Ensuring the longevity of your dental implants involves regular oral hygiene practices and adhering to the treatment plan provided by your dentist.

Regular Cleaning of Your Teeth and Implants
Just like natural teeth, dental implants require regular cleaning to maintain their functionality and aesthetics. Brushing daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing around the implant, and using an antimicrobial mouthwash can help keep your dental implants and teeth clean. Moreover, using interdental brushes can help clean those hard-to-reach areas around the implant.

Regular Dental Check-ups
It is crucial to maintain regular dental check-ups as part of your treatment plan. These check-ups allow your dentist to monitor the condition of your dental implants, ensuring they are functioning correctly. Your dentist can spot any potential issues early on and take necessary action to prevent any major complications.

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet
A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet also contribute to the longevity of your teeth implants. Avoiding harmful habits like smoking and limiting sugary and acidic foods can help maintain the health of your gums and bones, which is critical for the success of dental implants.

In conclusion, maintaining your dental implants involves a combination of regular cleaning, dental check-ups, and a healthy lifestyle. With the right care and treatment plan in place, your dental implants can last for many years, offering you a long-term solution for a beautiful and functional smile.


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